Monday, September 15, 2008


So, Sunday boyfriend and I went for a drive up the canyon by our house...And it was beautiful. The colors are just starting to change a bit. I do not want fall to come because that means that summer is over and its pretty much winter time around these parts, but I do love the 3 days of fall that Utah has. I think in about a week or two Adam and I will go ride the ski lift up at Sundance. 

On to another subject, Adam and I have to do a little booth at our church's Provident living fair. Im not even sure what the whole thing is really about, but this I do know... We have to do a display type thing on "trash into treasure". Please anyone and everyone reading this, if you have any ideas on something we can do I would love suggestions. You can leave it in the comments or e-mail me at louandlee{at} ANYTHING. We are pretty stumped. I have been on peoples blogs and seen the creativity, please share the wealth.  Thank you in advance. 

(by the way, if this seems vague, that is because this was all the direction that we were given.)


krista said...

I love reading this blog and they do these amazing DIY projects; sometimes they feature recycled object projects and thought maybe this was a cool idea, even though summer is almost over and bbqs will be forgotten for the time being...

Rita said...

It looks like you had a great gorgeous!

I'll be thinking of some ideas....

I'm Cammi said... has a lot of great projects that involve reusing things to make something new and beautiful, like wood pallets, coke cans, jars, etc...
you're probably looking for simplicity if you're confined to a booth and have limited time. I'm not sure how handy boyfriend is but here is a list of some of my favorites:

a christmas tree turned coat rack:

a phonebook turned planter:

juice jug mood

water faucet candlesticks:

rolodex phone:

tin clock (cute and easy):

magazine box (super easy):

shirt pillows (i did my stockings this way last year. very easy and very cute, you could turn these out by the dozens if you have some tops you don't need or if you took a trip to the thrift store):

Anyway, I'm not sure if you want to go that direction or more like buying junk from thrift stores and flea markets and cleaning it up??? But this site is full of inspiration! If I think of anything, I'll post again. Good luck!

AnnieC said...

The greatest "trash into treasure" idea I've ever been given was from one of my patients...I save all of my paper towel and toilet paper rolls. They can be painted, decoupaged, stickered (basically decorated) and then used to wind up the cords in your home. I use decorated tp rolls to enclose my hair drier and curling iron cords.

Also, just read this from Shape magazine.... "Sure, you recycle your newspapers, milk cartons, and cans. Now you can add chip bags, energy bar wrappers, juice pouches, and wine corks to your list. TerraCycle, an eco-business that's teemed with Kraft, is committed to "upcycling" -- turning trash into useful products such as office supplies, totes, and flower pots. Even better, it gives 2 cents per item collected to the organization of your choice, whether it's the Natural Resources Defense Council or your child's soccer team. The process is simple: Go to to sign up, pick your cause, then start collecting." From the October 2008; volume 28 number 2 issue, page 36.