Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful flash photography...

As you will see in the following photos:

1. I dont have anything to blog about (as usual)

2. My camera is dippy and I think having sister as my sister has made me a flash photography snob.

3. I only took photos around the house tonight of absolutely nothing so that I would have something to blog.

I like him so much, the handsome devil. Here is something you haven't seen before...Adam and I taking photos of ourselves.
Seriously, my house is out of control...does anyone have any organizing suggestions or any options. This is what my upstairs looks like all the time now.
How cute are my new Moschino pumps? 80% off baybee...
These are a few new onesies/gown I made for the Etsy shop, I switched it up and wrote dad on the banner. 
Manfriend looking at sisters blog, look at his cute Yuba City Harley t-shirt.
How cute is boyfriend, look at those baby blues, and his little Edward but even more of a honey!


sarah marie. said...

i'm laughing out loud and that's quite an accomplishment right now. i'm a depressed biotch these days.

Leah said...

Love your house. When are you having a party again. I need to come stare at it.

Amy said...

you know how i feel about gowns, and yours almost make me want to have a baby tomorrow so he/she can wear it!

also, those shoes are the shiz niz.

meggan said...

you posted pics of your feet on the internet for the whole world to see? That operation (plus those ridiculously amazing shoosies) really gave you courage. You go girl!

Shari and Grady Wroblewski said...

Hey sexy girl! That was actually a really cute post for not having anything to post about!!! And can i hire you to take me shopping cuz you are always the cutest girl I know! (not kidding) Mad style woman, mad style. Just wanted you to know too, that I really enjoyed your company the other night... you just keep getting cooler and cooler in my book. lets play more!