Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My house...

I hate not having a computer so much! Not to mention I dont know how to work Amys computer AT ALL, so I know you wont even be able to read this because of the color. Anyway, everything is going pretty good. Adam and I are moving into the house... FINALLY! Our carpet came on Saturday and so our bed is in and we stayed the night there for the first time last night! I cant tell you how great it was to be in our place and to have our own space. I cant wait to get everything set up...we still have so much to do and I feel like I will never get it all done. I am dying to post some phots but I have to wait until we set up our computer or I bring my camera here (to Amys). Im so happy with the way things are looking. Its almost weird to see our furnature in the house, because it has been empty for so long. I have had all of my stuff (except my clothes) in storage for so long it was like getting new everything. Well, Im going to try to put some photos up soon...Hope everyone is doing good!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Amy and I were ROLLING while we were taking these photos on her computer, I mean like my stomach is still killing me. I don't know why but we thought this was maybe the funniest thing ever. I love that Amy still looks pretty in hers and I look like teen wolf. It has been forever since I last posted because the computer at my in-laws in broken so we came up to Amy's for a very delish turkey dinner and I thought I would post. I have some photos of the house...our downstairs bathroom is almost totally done. the subway tiles on the wall turned out darling. Adam was over there ALL day on Saturday. Anyway, I didn't bring my camera so I couldn't post them. We are very excited though...the plumber comes on Thursday to put in all of our fixtures and then on Friday they install our least that's what they say. You cant really count on that kind of stuff because it never happens when they say it will. Other than that nothing much has been going on. I hope every ones weekend was great.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Today I went to lunch because our friend Joni is getting married at the end of the month. It was fun to get together, because I don't get to see these girls very much....especially just the girls. These are Adams very best friends wives and I'm lucky they are so cute and sweet.
I obviously don't have anything to post about...this is cute boyfriend. I cut his hair last night and I think I did a pretty dang good job for never cutting a guys hair before. Although, he did tell me today that there were a few "stragglers"...but when he tried to show me these "stragglers" they were no where to be seen. Before I cut his hair, I looked up "how to cut a mans hair" online and the only thing I could find was this gal named Liz, owner of Liz's salon in Hollywood, Fl. and it was this play by play video of her cutting this greasy mans hair...but for some reason they had split this haircut up into like 10 1min. videos and at the beginning of every one she would say who she was. I think she did this because she was THE Liz and she owned Liz's beauty salon in Hollywood Fl....she was very proud. Anyway, I watched her broke-A video and when I stared to comb Adam's hair before I cut it he said "no one has ever combed my hair like that before" so I ditched Liz's techniques and threw cation to the wind. I think it turned out O.K., the only problem is I think he might try to make me cut it every time now.
This is us after a hard days work...I have M&M minis in my hot little hands...I like those O.K. I think I'm wishing they were kissables.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy tears...

Our darling little niece Ceciley (Adam's sister Angie's little girl) had a very special day today...her Dad Trent adopted her. I was really so great to be in the court room and see this little family come together. Angie and Trent got married when Ceciley was 1 and so he has raised her and loved her like his own. Her father NEVER was around but decided he didn't want Trent adopting her so they had to go to court...but he never showed up to any of the court dates. So, after a long legal struggle it was made official today. Trent even bought her a very special corsage, and she was very proud. I thought this was very cute, every year on this day he is going to take her out on a date, just the two of them.
When I was taking photos of Ceciley today tears started rolling down her cheeks, and when I asked her if she was o.k. she told me, "they are happy tears Auntie". I almost lost it, it was just such a great day and such a happy ending for their family! This is Ceciley with Adam and I, Shes quite the little doll.

Trent and Ceciley outside of the court.
on another note, things are coming together at the house!!! Finally i feel like when Adam say 2 more weeks this time he might actually mean it.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

hip, hip, hooray...

My granite is in and I love it! You cant tell in the photo how beautiful the colors are. The upstairs is almost all the way done...I'm so excited the only thing left is installing the sink and toilet.

Meet boyfriend...
This cracked me up (no pun intended)...sorry if it o-ffends.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Missing home...

The problem with going home is coming back. I had such a good time with my family...the only person who wasn't there was my brother Walker (we missed him)! Marlo was a doll and so cute in the dress my mom made her, she looked like a little angel. This is my cute sister-in-law with Marlo, they are a darling little family!
Look at sweet Granny, it doesn't get better than this...Love her!
How cute is Marlo? VERY cute...she has big blue eyes and olive skin...quite the doll. Not to mention she has the sweetest disposition ever.
I know I said I would never put another pair of booties on again...but I lied. These are the greasy little numbers I made for her blessing...they were quite cute on. So what if I like ruffles and whatnots.
I love this one of my beautiful mom and Marlo. It has been so amazing to watch our family grow...It just keeps getting better. Now if we only lived closer to each other.
Not much has been going on...I started work yesterday and worked today. Its really nice only working 2 times a week. The house is going pretty good. But not good enough because I'm not in it. The granite guy was supposed to put the granite in today but of course they didn't...the up side to this is that I won a Million dollars...I'm a millionaire. I bet Adam that they wouldn't come and he was positive they would. This is the biggest problem we have run into working on the one sticks to what they say. So, they say it will be in tomorrow...we will see about that. I will post some photos tomorrow...I got my fixtures and they are darling...and hopefully the granite!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Lucky me...

Boyfriend is so cute...he knows how much I love Morrissey and the Smiths so he bought me tickets for The Morrissey concert on May 8Th. I couldn't be more excited.
On another note, this weekend was so much fun. It has been so nice to be at home and to spend time with my family. I love them...and the weather. The baby blessing was so perfect. I went to some antique stores (they are the best here) and got some great finds...I will post those when I get back to Provo, along with the photos from the blessing. Another whatnot...I'm going back to work for Nordstrom... but only 2 days a week, which will be really nice compared to full time especially until I get into the house. And...I get my fixtures tomorrow. They are a revival series...they did reproductions of art deco toilets and sinks...cant wait for those. Never thought I would be so excited for a toilet in my life. I'm not looking forward to going back to Provo, but that's the way life is sometimes. I think Mick Jagger said it best when he said "you cant always get what you want...but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need."...(I'm just kidding)...sometimes I type something thinking I'm pretty funny but it just doesn't read right or I might sound to dead serious. So, that's about it, nothing to exciting. I'm off to go watch I love New York and The this wrong of me?