Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween extravaganza of sorts...

We had our little halloween party last night and it was so much fun...thanks so much to everyone who came! And for the delicious treats that you brought...

Cute boyfriend and Christain...his costume looked more like a bro than a gangster this time around.
Sarah and brian...leah was VERY impressed with their moves!
Sonny and Cher...So cute!
Goodies and things...
Look at these cute babies...I love every one of them!
More goodies...
Such a fun night...too many treats!

All I can say is that it is officially Christmas time...right!?

New shizzel...

Just put a few new Adult headbands in the shop today...pretty cute.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So darling...

Im sure most of you have been following the heartbreaking story of the darling Nielson family...I just wanted to show these shots I got off of the video on the cjanerun blog of these 2 precious sisters and I was very proud that the doll on the left (they are BOTH living dolls) has on the Lou and Lee "Lucy's love" headband. Such a cute little video...if I knew how to link you to the blog I would!

And...Im also very proud to say that we had our 1,000 sale today...thats a lot of felt, tulle, and vintage buttons!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You know how we do...

So, we went to our friends Cody and Julia's Halloween party and as you can see looking decent was not my concern this year. I looked fug but I made one heck of a gangsta....and boyfriend was pretty good himself. I had on overalls that hung down and you cant see but my makeup was kind of a dream (and my nails...french manicure with black tips)...boyfriend's shirt was very risqué and of corse some people from our church randomly stopped by our house before we left and he answered the door with that shirt on...

Boyfriend is hardcore...and what is better than that shirt with the lady and the two guys heads covering her large chi-chis? NOTHING

Punie patch...

When we were home we went to Bishop's pumpkin other pumpkin patch can compare with it. Train rides, animals, pumpkins everywhere, delicious home baked goods, and did I mention the delicious baked goods. The pumpkin pie is T. D. F. (that means "to die for" sister and I always make fun of things and we do it so much that we actually start to use them all the time)

Unkie with his girl...they are besties 
My cute mom with Marlo and Estee...
On the train...

So much fun.

On a side note...all I want is PIZZA. Something is wrong with me. PIZZA! I feel like a lady in a movie or something, like all I want to do is eat pizza. I think Im having twins, pizza obsessed twins...

On another side note: Could this post be more about food and goodies? What the..? 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Canadian Family Magazine...

Look at that perfect little baby in her Lou and Lee cute. The editor of this magazine contacted me and asked if they could include this onesie in their holiday gift guide.  I was so happy with how it turned out!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Say whaaa...

I promise Im not going to only blog about being pregers...but Let me tell you the story of the day that I found out I was... 
So, sister came down (without the girls) which NEVER happens, we had something to do that day (I cant remember what) but we went to lunch with Jen. At lunch we got to talking about how I think Im pregnant (like I do every month, not because there is a chance AT ALL but because it was my biggest fear) My period wasn't late that I could remember (1. I never know and 2. sorry to write about my period) but my skin was acting foolishly and I had really bad cramps...kind of like it would start at any moment. Moving on, sister was droping me off at my house and as we drove by the Dollar Store she pulled in and said "go buy a pregnancy test" (now, I know what your thinking "really sisters, the dollar store" but this tells you the likelihood of us thinking it was going to be positive) So, I go into the store and grab the test and take it up to the register...this is where it gets good...the lady could not be discreet as hard as she may have tried, about wanting to know why I was buying a pregnancy test. First thing she said was
HER: You need a bag for this?
ME: No, thanks...thats o.k.
HER: No sweetie, you need a bag for this!
ME: No, really thanks
She takes my card...looks at my ring (which isn't a diamond) I think this really threw her for a loop.
HER: that your engagement ring?
ME: Oh, no...its my wedding ring
HER: you are married?
ME: Ya, Im married.
This was a very awkward encounter that she and I shared, but I loved her for it...cant blame her for wanting the grease either. I told myself that she thought that I was a teenager in trouble (to make myself feel better of corse) but then I remembered Im like 30.
 We get home, I take the test...I instantly look at it and hand it to sister and tell her it is negative. She says you have to wait more than 5 sec. to know. She sets it down...we wait a min. or two and I go back to it...negative...feeewh!..."look sister you can see and outline of the second line,HA! If I didn't know I wasn't pregnant that might really freak me out" 
 The next moments were filled with squeels of joy from sisty.."it's positive", "what's wrong with you", "Im so excited", "what are you going to name it"
 Now, I really didn't except this for a few reasons: 
(Dearest baby, if you ever read this just know that at this time I was a fool, I was very scared and didn't know what was best for me)
  1. It wasn't possible for me to be pregers...Im a VERY careful person
 2. The test was from the dollar store.
So, to make a long story short, I made sister run down to the much fancier walmart and buy me the much fancier equate brand...and yes another positive (even though I went through the exact same..."oh its negitive, I knew it" and Amy looking at it and me like I was crazy "No, Ann its positive again!"

So, hear I am now with this little person growing in my tummy, and I realize that things are not on MY time schedule...they are on the schedule of someone who knows what is much better for me, and Im very thankful for that... 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boughts to look like this... this + 900 lbs.

I have a really big mouth and I ended up telling everyone this I thought I would blog about it. I dont know how most of you do it...wait to tell people...I know its PC and everything. So, say a prayer for me and the peanut.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I pity tha foo...

No one loves her jewels more than my Estee girl. She will give you the fanciest knuckle sandwich this side of the Mississippi.

Sister bought her a treasure chest full of fancy princess jewels and she has NEVER been more excited...just look at the little look on her face, it says it all. I just love her plain and simple.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go Honkers...

So...sister, the girls, boyfriend and I are headed home...we have about 3 truck loads full of after christmas sale items that we need to get home from shopping the sales last year, and we have our High School reunion. It kind of makes me feel 50 yrs. old!  Cant wait to go home and be with my Mom and dad and granny...nothing better.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


 So, I think Im all done decorating for Halloween this year. Boyfriend says I better be. I think he loves it...but he thinks I over do, and considering we have NO storage it does make for a fire hazard in the furnace room. I say its a price Im willing to pay.

My new favorite decoration is by far the window skeleton...I cant get enough of him in his little party hat.

Inside that pumpkin is a darling black cat with a big orange and black crape paper collar. 
There is my village and I have a thing for the water globe on the table, it has a very spooky beating heart in it and blood...ewwww, Im freaked.

This photo basically makes everything look like a mess. It really did turn out pretty cute, come over and see it.

And...The Etsy shop will be closed form Tuesday October 14th-20th. If you are planning on getting any of the halloween items, they will need to be ordered before the shop closes on the 14th 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fo shizzle...

New shizzle in the shop...and its for adults this time!!!

Whaaah...Im freaking out that I had to take photos of myself...sister will not be my model, so any volunteers...Please! 

Monday, October 06, 2008

The cabin...

Amy, Chris, the girls, boyfriend and I went up to the cabin this weekend...It was beautiful. You couldn't believe the colors! Estee had so much fun going on "a pirates adventure" (I think its from Dora) and looking at all the animals...we saw deer and a big moose. It was so fun to be together. The cabin is in the middle of nowhere so it is just peaceful and beautiful up there. We really do need to go more, I wish we would have gone more in the summer...not a big fan of having to snowmobile in when there is WAY too much snow.

It was real misty and even snowed over night...I wasn't quite emotionally ready for that. man got out and took a photo of his pride and joy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Say whaaaa???

Happy birthday to me! I cant believe this is mine... Seriously wanted one forever. Can you see the love in my eyes. Thank you so much boyfriend.

Happy birthday to this hot piece of A...

This song is for you sister...
Happy birthday! I love you, you are the best...and the most beautiful.