Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why is this happening to me???

Have you ever had one of those scratch that...frosting filled powdered doughnuts from dunkin' donuts? If not its the one in the middle there with the chocolate frosting coming out of it (you can get vanilla too) Seriously, there is NOTHING better. I would take one over a cupcake. Why am I blogging about this?.Well, 1. Im pregnant and chubs and I want one so bad. and 2. The reason I want one so bad...I saw a commercial for the dunkin' donuts tonight so I just assume there has to be one in Utah...why else would they show the commercial. There is not.

I was planning on doing a post about My girlies tonight...I was going to watch them today, Amy is home in California taking care of my Mummsie who broke her foot and had to have surgery on Tuesday. But... Chris said he didn't need me today so I didn't get to see the beauties. Miss them...and Sister.

I will have some things to blog soon though (although nothing exciting) I have been making things for Misters much fun.

My belly has tripled in size...I look like octomom. Maybe not but feel like octomom, and instead of just feeling kicks I feel him rolling around and can feel his little body parts poking me. I love him so much already.


Magdalena said...

So I randomly found your sister's blog because I recognized the last name. Turns out that her man and my man were real life BFF's in high school. Naturally I have come across your blog and decided to stop just looking and actually comment. I'm going to let you know what I'm sure many are already thinking- you look fabulous! What ever you are craving, go ahead and eat because that little bun in the oven needs all the dough he can get. We are only pregnant a few times in our short lives, just enjoy every tasty moment!

Malissa said...

Long time lurker...I also went to Yuba City High School (2000 baby) and use to live in Layton, Ut. I worked in Harmons' bakery for a little while and we had a customer who would come in ask for the shell of the jelly filled doughnuts and a side of frosting. They're usually good about custom ordering too. Hope that helps your cravings. I had to stop watching commercials when I was pregnant because no matter what the food was...if I saw it on TV I HAD to have it right away or I would go crazy! :)

Adam Harward said...

Ahh sweetie you're no ocotomom. Don't let her fool you people she is sexy thang. You eat whatever you long as it's in the state of course.

sarah marie. said...

that picture of octomom is too much. so crazy!

sarah marie. said...

and adam is so sweet.

Rita said...

those doughnuts look delish! I wish you could have what is called an "alligator jaw" from this bakery in Cedar. Take two triangle shaped (like the jaws of an alligator - clever huh?) fried doughnut things and fill to the extreme with bright pink frosting. Over the top...yes...but perfect for your cravings!

and I've told you a hundy look the bomb!