Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don't really know why I love this chair so much?! I didn't have to do much to it...just paint, the upholstery was PERFECT, not a spot. Anyway, it turned out pretty cute I think.

Sorry...I was too lazy to go back and flip this its hard or something.
I bought this little end table the same day as my chair, I painted it a few days ago but had to let it dry to put the handles on, I wasn't in love with this when I bought it but thought it might have some potential, I really like the way it turned out...not sure where I'm going to put it...maybe in the downstairs bathroom (it matches the wallpaper perfect) and put towels and other bathroom whatnots ...or maybe upstairs in the living room...Anyway, that's enough of that. The below photo is the downstairs bathroom. We put down some of the tile last night. Its going to have subway tile a little ways up the walls. I really like it.
So, I leave for home tomorrow and cant wait...except we are driving...10 HOURS, not looking forward to that.


Jewels said...

LOVE the chair, LOVE the end table, LOVE it all!

Caroline said...

Great Job! That really turned out cute!
How long before you move in?
I bet you are getting excited!

Kell & Nick said...

I will be in Yuba on Monday!!! Karyn and the kids will be there too! We should get together!!
Let me know...Love the chair! Can you come to my house and decorate?
Have a safe drive! I hope I can see you!!!

Leah said...

Yeah, come and redecorate my home as well please. And, I didn't comment on your booties, because I couldn't make it to the end of all your, I think you need to take these by the Flower Patch. I bet they would love to get their hands on these to sell.

sarah marie said...

you never cease to amaze me. is that how you spell cease? your house just gets better and better. i want to see it when i come home. love the chair and LOVE the table. i even like it right where it is. great finds. remember when we drove to yuba?

becky said...

this is random, but i know you love to make booties...check out these ones:

Thought they were super cute!