Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Last ones...

O.K. no more, I promise. I wanted to post o few more... The top 2 are from what Adam calls the "snow run", I personalty hated every second of it. Lets put it this way my idea of fun is not sliding all over roads in the dark secluded wilderness of the mountains in the middle of the night with your engine about to explode (which explains the bandanna, I couldn't breath from the fumes) and having to put chains on your car in knee deep snow...my Adam...what a sweetheart.
And The bottom 3 are Adam and I at Thanksgiving...sorry the one isn't flipped. The first 2 are in Jackson Hole and the other in Idaho.


Mary said...

blog o plenty...I love it!

The Christian Family said...

I love seeing all these pictures! Those race cars look like fun!! I can't believe all the snow....we haven't had any this year.