Tuesday, January 09, 2007

101 things about me...

I thought I would one up everyone and do 101 things about me...
1. I hate vegetables
2. I love cupcakes
3. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 21
4. IM left handed
5. I paint
6. I love being Auntie
7. I love being with my family
8. My favorite show is Curb your enthusiasm
9. I want to learn to cook like my mom
10. I love to read
11. I could eat frosting by the buckets
12. I love naps
13. I always miss my grandpa
14. I love animals
15. I love peeps
16. I love the summer
17. IM a Democrat
18. I know my heavenly father
19. I have a very open mind
20. I love shopping...For anything
21. I still sleep with a blankie
22. I want to help the environment
23. Whenever I buy something new, I always have to look at it on the car ride home...Even if im driving
24. I listen to Christmas music all year
25. IM always homesick
26. My heart brakes when my Pookie dances
27. IM a twin
28. I love music
29. I cant get enough of my sister
30. I have the sweetest husband ever! (IM serious)
31. I think my dad is the smartest man alive
32. I love the stuff in the middle of Hostess cupcakes
33. I have a very strict routine in the shower
35. I worry about EVERYTHING
36. I have more clothes and shoes than anyone should have
37. I want braces
38. IM very insecure
39. I have a weird thing with school busses
40. I HATE to fly
41. I order everything plain
42. When I clean I go crazy...I get in a zone and cant stop
43. I collect antique head vases
44. My toenails are always painted
45. I love butter
46. I get embarrassed easier than anyone I know
47. I love talking to my Pookie on the phone (she almost always hangs-up on me)
48. I love picking things out for my new house
49. Sometimes I have to leave the room or hide my face because something on the T.V. embarrasses me too much
50. I have the occasional panic attack
51. I secretly like country music
52. I like to fill up my shopping cart at stores with thing I might want to buy and I usually end up ditching the whole cart
53. I love to sleep in
54. I love being in the house I grew up in
55. I think my husbands is so handsome
56. I think my sister is the funniest person ever
57. I love to eat
58. I cant wait to move into my house
59. I cant quite let go of Christmas
60. I miss seeing my family everyday
61. I always think im dyeing
62. I doodle on everything
63. I get mad at Adam for falling asleep so early
64. I love Target
65. I hate exercise
66. I do not have good social skills
67. I like the Toco Bell
68. I have good clothes
69. I love getting into bed
70. I saw my Pookie come into this world...(and it might have scared me)
71. I went 7 months without the sodies
72. I have a warrant
73. I still use checks
74. I have the best parents in the world
75. I love doing anything creative
76. I want to go back to school
77. I wish I talked with my brothers more
78. My car is almost always a mess
79. I love the beach
80. I don't have a middle name
81. I have a c-section scar on my upper leg from when they cut my mom open
82. I cant image life without a twin
83. I cant cut my hair...It is a security blanket I hide behind
84. I hate putting gas in my car
85. I hate Adams car and harley
86. I love my Chanel jewels
87. IM always sick
88. I had a marriage annulled
89. IM always early
90. I love to look at sisters photos
91. I love tabloid magazines
92. I have a ruby instead of a diamond
93. I don't know a thing about computers
94. My favorite candy is Dots
95. I love the T.J maxx
96. I like Kool-aid
97. One of my favorite movies is Pee Wees big adventure...Watch it again, its so funny
98. Everyday I try to become a better person
99. I hate playing board games
100. I love road trips
101. It wasn't easy for my to think of this many things about myself

After reading my list I think I should have re-titled it 101 things I like to eat. I was going to put some photos on but blogger sucks and wont let me post photos until I switch to Beta......A-holes!


Anonymous said...

sister, i didnt know you were on the lamb??? and you are always on time... i like that about you!

Jen said...

so fun to read! I am too lazy to do one, but you made me want to. I love the fact that you hide and get embarrased of people on the TV I love that about you! And I love seeing you do it!

Anonymous said...

I knew them all...I'm so proud to say!

Anonymous said...

Whoops...Me, your Mom...I know them all. MOM 143

Erin said...

ooo...what a fun read. I might break down and do one and bore all of you.

The Christian Family said...

Ann, I had so much fun reading your list! I learned so much more about you! I'm worried....you have a warrant?? :)

sarah marie said...

that was like the best book i've ever read. my favorites were 29 50 and 81. and peeps..like the candy?! and what about school buses? ps..i love that you doodle on everything.

Andrea, Gabe, Ella and Avery said...

Ann, I loved reading your list! I forgot you were a lefty...so am I! Glad your back safe and sound.

Julie Rae said...

I knew a lot of those about you! Made me miss you.

meggan said...

personally, I can remember an exception to number 44, when we became closer friends at work and each took off our shoes and you were polish-free. so sad that you aren't coming back to work...I finally took your advice and got the Lost dvds, I have so much to discuss with you! (and ps- please tell me you saw I love new york!)

Heather said...

So great....I was dying laughing. Warrant? What the...? I can't wait to hear the dirty details. You are so great and I love all the little funny things about you. I really need to do one, but I don't know if I can think of that many things!

Darek and Amberli said...

I love this! I did my 100 things too but sadly did not get around to posting it, but I loved reading yours! But I must say that it takes a very secure person to admit that she's insecure, because I'd bet most everyone feels insecure more than we know! And believe me, I can't quit let go of Christmas either, and I love CA and the beach and miss my family the same way you do! I want braces as well! This was fun to read and it made me wish I had been able to hang out with you and get to know you better back in the Provo days!