Sunday, August 06, 2006

My First Blog

So, Im just jumping on the craze my sister started. Although, I don't know what in the hell Im doing. So, bare with me! Im just going to post some of my favorite photos...(keep in mind I am not the photographer my sister all!)


Mary said...

OH MY!! I am the first to comment on your new blog...I am sooo excited! This is really fun. I love your photos. I will be there soon...I can't wait.

Mary said...

WOW...I love the banner! I want to learn how to do such things. So cute with you and Pooky!

Amy said...

okay sister i definatly did not start the blog craze, but i am glad you've got a blog now... YAY!

Amy D. said... glad to see you on Amy's Link Bar. Can't wait to keep more up-to-date on you without having to go stalk you at Nordy's. Love you!

Erin said...

Yay, auntie Ann! I agree, Amy started the craze...did she show you how to make that banner? She showed me but I can't get it right. Post some photos of your new place!