Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas PJs...

Lets start by discussing ironing...the photo below will forever haunt me because of the wrinkles. I iron EVERYTHING I put on my Mister...fanatically. Clothes always look so much better when they are ironed. 'But these are Pjs?!" you say...I say, they should have been ironed. They would have looked so much better in the photo. I know that is crazy to some but I blame my Mother. HA!

these are the jammies for the kids this year. I got the cute striped, organic cotton pjs from the Wallyworld and then I did all the kiddies initials in hat for the boys and a sprig of holly for the girls.
I have been working my buns off to get all my orders out. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Ummm...No?, but its not going to be easy getting all of these orders out. Thats what I have been doing. How is your holiday season going?


Allison said...

laughed about the "wrinkles" :)

i didn't even notice until i read, all i saw first was the cute monograms. they really are cute.

becky said...

those are darling! if you need help for all-nighters, let me know!

Erin said...

Ann! I love them! They turned out amazing!

Anonymous said...

I think my mom would like me to be more like you. She would love it if i did stuff just like this. She is pretty meticulous about everything. She irons everything too. She actually has a day once a week set aside to iron everything. The pjs are too cute. I don't know how you do all you do. I really wish I could manage my time better like you.

mom24orsinis said...

Oh the things our Mothers unwittingly instill in us (and the same will be done with our offspring of course...let's just hope it's the good stuff, like ironing)!!

The jammies are adorable...your whole fam is just so talented...i love it!

I realize I am not part of your immediate circle, but as a follower, I thought it was okay to comment ;) Our Christmas is shaping up well...I have my 3rd childs birthday today...the big 5 years old "I can sleep on the top bunk" birthday...all my cookies are baked and in the freezer waiting to be decorated (15 varieties), the tree is up and decor is in it's place...I'm no "Ann or Amy" but it's festive and the kids are loving it!

Hope you get all your orders out and enjoy the beautiful family God has given you!! Tell your sis we miss her!!

.caroline armelle. said...

first, those are daring, and second.. you are hilarious.. i'm not sure when the last time i ironed was? i'm so lazy... especially my kids clothes.
and, third... i'm feeling you. i feel like i'm a one woman sweat shop in my studio making piece after piece.

hopefully you have an end (and break) in sight and can enjoy the holidays..

Kell & Nick said...

I love the jammies! I want one for Kate! Too Cute!! I wish we lived closer and you could teach me how to do your many fabulous creative ideas! Mine wouldn't turn out as well as yours! I so love seeing all the things you do! :)

Rita said...

um...these are the cutest things ever! Seriously! I'll have to do something cute like this next are amazing girl.

And I can't believe all the bows you've done for the shop! That is some crazy work!

Merry Christmas fancy lady!