Sunday, November 19, 2006

Going through photos...

I was looking at my moms photos and loved these ones...
1.My Grandma and I

2.No, not the Grapes of wrath...My mom, aunts uncles and grandparents

3.The love of my life.

4.The other love of my life!!! Im so glad to be home!


krystin said...

Had to leave a note after surfing through random blogs- I love what you've done with yours! The extra graphics really give it a punch! I loved the family photos, the vintage Christmas image. If I say much more, it may sound like gushing, but oh well.... one last thing- I absolutely love the clock next to your armoir!

Thanks for sharing, will be back!

Creative wishes.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE these photos. you're beautiful..and so's your seesdar.