Thursday, May 29, 2008


I put a few new items in the Etsy shop...the 4th of july isn't my favorite holiday but I know some people go nutty for it (like my manfriend and his family). I just took down all of my spring decorations and now I am highly considering doing a little 4th of July decorating. I dont know we will see. As soon as I do something fun and somewhat social I will blog about something other than the Etsy shop, but until then...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Run don't walk...

We went to St. George this weekend and had such a good time...we saw Love at the Mirage and it was SO good, worth just taking a trip to Las Vegas for! I also got this item called tanning bed in a tube and Im OBSESSED...its a gradual self tanner that as soon as you put it on it makes your legs look golden bronze. Its REAL nice. Just thought I would share those 2 items of interest, since I dont really have anything to blog about. 

is having a Lou & Lee headband giveaway, so check it out and good luck!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello... I had manfriend pick a number between 1 & 51 and the winner is, candice, michael, and jordyn. Congrats. You can just E-mail me at with your shipping info. I was so excited that so many people were interested in this contest that I decided to offer a little Sale to those of you who read my blog. Heres the deal, now through Saturday if you buy one headband or get the 2nd one 1/2 off. All you have to do is contact me through my Etsy shop (when your in the shop it says contact lou and lee on the right side) mention that you saw this on my blog and let me know the 2 items you want to get and I will make a special order for you with the Sale price! Thank you so much everyone for your sweet words, they all made my day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Giveaway baybay!

Im back in the full swing of things (I now have what some are calling the www), so Im going to be blogging a lot more! Anyway, Im not really sure if anyone really looks at my blog that might be interested but...Im doing a little give away. All you have to do is go to my Etsy shop (its linked at the right) and choose the headband or clip that you would want to win and leave a comment with the listing number of that item (the listing number is on the right when you click on the item you like.) 


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Can you believe that Im posting a photo of my house this messy? This is what it looks like after a day of making little what-nots...How cute is little Jr....just smiling her little heart out,  she is as sweet as they come. Sister and the girls came down today and we fine dined at the J-doggs and had a little picnic. Love those 3 ladies so much.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


At least I think they are treasures...I love nothing more than a good day at a thrift store, and that's exactly what I had the other day. Now this might not look like much to you but I was peeing my pants over this stuff. you cant tell how cute that lamp is but it might be my favorite thing ever, all turquoise and gold like. Well, maybe the glasses are my favorite. I collect vintage drinking glasses and finding the silver ones with the numbers on them made my day (the red ones are REAL cute too), PERFECT condition, love the vintage carol singer candles and the mini light up Swiss village.  And I couldn't leave that cute puppy dog at the thrift store either, staring at me with those sad's actually really cute and on this hand carved wood. I thought it might be cute in Estee's room. Oh, and some darling fabrics! So that's the skinny, nothing much going on. We went to San Diego and it made me miss it so much. I wish I could move my little house and boyfriend down there...that would be perfect.